Tuesday, April 10, 2012

We're back!!

Supporters of good food, food freedom and farmers' rights: after a very long hiatus, Food Fight Podcast is back! We fell off the map for over a year but are now able to get back to it. It's hard to recap all of the downright crazy, completely sinister and totally bizarre goings-on that have happened in the world of food and farming over the last fifteen months, and things are getting crazier by the day.

Take this bizarro story courtesy of the Department of Natural Resources in Michigan.

Confirmed: Michigan pig ban will eliminate all heritage breeds, destroy thousands of small-scale farms

At least one farmer is fighting this ridiculousness...

As you'll hear, this whole mess has been started by the Michigan Pork Producers Association, a.k.a. mammoth factory farming, animal abusing, huge lobbying group with millions of dollars at their disposal raising thousands and thousands of pigs in horrible conditions every day of every year. This is the same thing that the factory dairy farms are trying to do to small family farms producing organic and raw milk: demonize and drive them out of business because they want that market share. We'll get in to that later.

Folks, small family farms are our last defense against the corporate "food" system that is being foisted on us, and if you're reading this you probably want no part of the factory farming, GMO forcing system. It's not really "No farms, no food." It's more "No farms, no choice." I for one do not want to be forced to be part of the corporate food system. We must fight together and raise our voices in support of every small family farmer out there who is facing this same problem.

That's it for now. More to come soon.