Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Food Fight Update

Hello fellow pure food lovers! We have been deciding the best way to re-launch Food Fight and we are just about there. I've missed giving you all updates and news, so we're anxious to get back to it. We are hoping to make our podcasts available through iTunes, and we are reformatting the show to incorporate more guests and interviews rather than just me and Engineer Jorge blathering on amongst ourselves. That said, we'll have a special GMO episode on the front burner. Hope you all enjoy your Thanksgiving with family and friends! Stay away from those commercially produced turkeys, splurge and get a heritage bird or at least an organic/pastured/free-range one from a small family farm, hopefully semi-local. Check back here SOON for more updates! Our goal is to be at least one podcast in before the end of 2012, assuming we're all still here after December 21.