Friday, March 26, 2010

Food Fight has arrived!

The Food Fight Podcast has officially arrived! Yes, it's true and mighty exciting. Our first episode is ready and will be available for download by Sunday, March 28, 2010--WOO HOOO!--and subsequent episodes will be following on a bi-weekly basis. Our goal is to have a new episode for you each week; trust us, there's no shortage in food and farming news. Surprised? That's because the mainstream media rarely touches the subjects of food and farming, other than to extol the virtues of some agribusiness giant or instill massive fear and panic in the population when an enormous recall occurs. That's where we come in. Food Fight will educate you about the current goings-on in the world of food and farming, we'll inspire you to get involved, and we'll convince you to join the food revolution that's growing throughout the US and the world. The link to the first, fabulous show will be in the next post. And remember: Food Fight is here because you need to know what you're puttin' in your mouth!