Friday, May 11, 2012

Minnesota Farmer Illegally Raided, Faces Charges

BREAKING--Calling food freedom advocates in Minnesota! If you live in Minnesota and want to preserve food freedom, then make plans NOW to help Alvin Schlangen, a small family farmer who is facing four misdemeanor charges for providing healthy food to co-op members. I know it's ghastly; how dare he! Take a few minutes to learn about Alvin's story. Also learn/read more about the Raw Milk Freedom Riders, many of whom are under attack as well.

The government's attack on small family farmers and our food freedoms is picking up pace. We need to stand up and defend these farmers. We need to form coalitions that will protect them, their property and their rights, thereby protecting our own rights before the government has striped them all away. When they are raided, we need to drop what we are doing and physically go to their farms and support them. In droves. In large, peaceful groups. It's getting to a fever pitch, it's almost now or never. Here's an inspiring story about one Canadian farmer who got by with a little help from his friends. 40 of them. If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything, including being completely striped of your right to fresh, wholesome, non-GMO, unadulterated food.

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