Friday, November 19, 2010

Put Your Hands Up and Back Away from the Cheese!!

Today you will see many blog posts, tweets and the like with the phrases "Save Morningland Dairy" and "Stop FDA tyranny against dairy farms," and probably many more. Those of us in the food and farming blogging/podcasting community decided to make today a day of action to raise awareness about the horrific abuse and unfair attacks that the FDA is carrying out against small family farms all over the country. The recent state of affairs is pathetic and nothing short of tyrannical. Don't believe me? Check out our featured farms that have been persecuted beyond any punishment ever levied against a Perdue, Cargill, ADM, etc. processing plant.

Morningland Dairy is one of the farms under attack currently. The FDA has decided that they must dispose of a vast quantity of milk and cheese based on lab samples that did NOT follow proper chain of custody protocols. Additionally, none of Morningland's products have EVER made anyone sick, nor have they ever been linked to any contamination. The situation is nothing short of absurd. Learn more at

Estrella Family Creamery is having the same problem with the FDA:

Because these are small family-owned and -operated farms, they are on the brink of losing everything. After you have learned more about them, if you are so inclined you may donate to literally save their farms at:

Morningland Dairy

Estrella Family Creamery

Times are tough, we all know that, so if you are unable to donate (but remember that even a few bucks will help them) please participate today in our "Google bombing" effort. All you have to do is search the terms “save morningland dairy" and “stop FDA tyranny against dairy farms” as those are the two key search terms we've identified in order to draw attention to and raise awareness of this ridiculous state of affairs, courtesy of the completely misguided FDA. How will this help, you ask? Google has an option for viewers to search the most-entered terms. If we and you and everyone continually search these terms, they will be at the top of the list and viewers will then search the terms and learn the truth. Simple! Be sure to ask your friends and family to do the same. Who knew that activism could be so easy?

In Podcast 3, available this weekend, we will be exploring both of these victimized farms in more detail and will be giving you additional info re: raids on dairies and other small farmers. We will also be focusing on the most tyrannical piece of legislation related to food and farming to hit the Senate floor EVER, S. 510, which is actually on the verge of passing--unbelievable! We will be discussing this and I will tell you all about my email war with California Senator Barbara Boxer's inbox as well as the fight I had with her voicemail system.

Also be sure to check out the trailer for "Farmageddon," an incredible new documentary that is focusing on this very issue. We will be featuring some audio of this in one of the upcoming episodes so be sure to check it out.

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