Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Podcast 2 is up!

Hello friends! Podcast 2 is up and available on our website at Please go there to download and enjoy! We cover a new report released regarding harmful residues in the industrial meat supply, the devastating effects the BP oil spill is having on farmers and fisherfolk in the Gulf region, the Animal Welfare Approved label, and some other items. We also have a great Challenge of the Day and a kick-ass Hero of the Day, so we hope you enjoy all of the info. Podcast 3 will be up soon, so until then email us any questions or comments at

Below are the links to information we discussed in Episode 2:

Action Alert 1
Tell Govt. to Reject Cruel Factory Farm Confinement Methods!

Siddiqui Nomination Update
Why is this guy so bad? Check out the Civil Eats or Democracy Now! website.

Report: Hazardous Residues in Meat--yum!
If you eat industrial meat, you MUST read this very important report from the USDA's Office of the Inspector General.

BP Oil Disaster and Gulf Region Food & Farming
Impacts from this disaster could wipe out the unique food heritage of the Gulf Region.

Animal Welfare Approved (AWA)
AWA is a fairly new third-party program that audits and certifies REAL family farms that utilize high-welfare methods of farming. To find a supplier of AWA certified items, visit the AWA website.

Premium Standard "Farms" Busted
Agri-biz giant loses lawsuit brought by farmers subjected to the pollution caused by a gigantic hog factory farm.

CAFO: The Tragedy of Industrial Animal Factories
If you really want to know what happens in factory farms, you must read this book. Encourage friends and family to do so as well. What is done to these animals is truly tragic.

Action Alert 2
Tell the DOJ & USDA to protect family farmers and stop the abusive practices of big poultry companies. Visit the Farm Aid website today!

Hero of the Day!
Check out this great article about Lynn Henning, a family farmer from Michigan that doesn't let the agri-biz bullies push her around!

Documentary Alert
Now out on DVD, a must see film: The Farmer and the Horse. It's only $11.99 and you can purchase a license for a community screening for just $125. You can see a preview at the Kickstarter website.

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